With so much to do in Lake Tahoe during the summer, it can be hard to plan your day. We asked some of our associates to give us their idea of a single perfect day spent enjoying the area with their family. Here is Kristy Olk's perfect Tahoe day.

With the Tahoe sun shining brightly by early morning, our family likes to spend the entire day outdoors. My perfect day starts right after breakfast with a paddleboard adventure. If the water is calm, being on a paddleboard gives the feeling of sliding across plexiglass. You can see straight down to the bottom and weave your way above massive underwater boulders and across the sand. If the water is moving, paddleboarding is a great workout - no looking down - the adventure becomes all about staying upright on your board.

After a morning on the lake, I like to stretch my legs and get my heart going with a hike. One of my favorites is Shirley Canyon right here in Squaw Valley. It's just four miles to the top, and then you can either hike back down or jump on the Squaw Valley Cable Car for a ride back to the Village at Squaw Valley (it's free on the way down and the views are incredible). The hike follows a Squaw Creek the entire way up, with a few waterfalls thrown in, before you reach Shirley Lake.

Shirley Canyon is a great family hike in Squaw Valley.

To finish off the day, I like to stop in at Uncorked in the Village at Squaw Valley for a glass of wine. They offer choose-your-own flights as well, so you could do a customized wine tasting if you like.

There are so many ways to get out and enjoy what Tahoe has to offer - this place is truly magical. Come play in our backyard - an adventure awaits everyone who visits.