The Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival runs from July 11 through August 24, 2014 at Sand Harbor State Park. Here are seven reasons why you should make it part of your summer plans. Have another? Post it on our Facebook page

Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival
Full moon nights are especially spectacular at the Lake Tahoe
Shakespeare Festival.

7. Experience for yourself the timeless transcendence of an incredible artist. Re-introduce yourself (or introduce yourself as the case may be) to Shakespeare with this year's production of As You Like It, which is one of the bard's comedies.

6. Cuddle up with your significant other, bury your toes in the sand, and settle into your beach chair - the Sand Harbor amphitheater is Tahoe's single greatest venue for stage entertainment. Like Red Rocks in Colorado, only with a spectacular lake backdrop.

5. Experience sunset, the evening alpenglow, and then more stars than you can possibly count as the play unfolds in front of you. Nature puts on a show as impressive as the actors and you have front row seats.

4. Getting there early is part of the fun - roaming entertainers will get you and your family into the spirit of the bard while you wait for the play to begin.

3. You can bring a picnic! Pick up a few sandwiches, a bottle of wine, and perhaps a chocolate torte made in-house by our pastry chef for dessert from Sweet Potatoes Deli. Spread out a blanket and enjoy dinner as the sun sets behind the peaks of Desolation Wilderness.

2. Don't worry about that theater dress code - this is the beach. Dress comfortably and bring an extra layer for after the sun goes down.

1. There will be a full moon on July 12 and August 10. From the amphitheater, you get an incredible view of the moonrise over the Eastern rim of the basin. By the time the play finishes, it has moved to almost directly overhead. A spectacular night to attend the festival!   

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