The special spa treatments available during Resort at Squaw Creek's Harvest Festival at Tahoe, Oct. 5-14, are sure to delight.  Check them out! 

Autumn Agave Nectar Massage

Replenish your senses with this therapeutic massage. Agave nectar massage oil is powerful anti-aging oil. Infused with agave plant extracts, sandalwood, barley and amurense bark to improve the skin’s trans-epidermal water loss, resulting in hydrated, plumper and a less wrinkled appearance.

Anti-Aging Pumpkin Purifying Facial

This anti-aging facial uses organic products brimming with antioxidants to combat premature aging and leave the skin with a healthy glow. A purifying treatment for any skin type using a pumpkin enzyme peel loaded with beta carotene, hyaluranic acid and omega-fatty acids. Help revitalize dull, dry skin, generate your skin’s cell renewal and restore its natural beauty during this comforting facial experience.

Honey and Pumpkin Harvest Manicure/Pedicure

This is the ultimate experience for your hands and feet, spa indulgence from scratch! Relax in a Nectar whole milk softening soak, followed with an exfoliation using whipped honey and sea salt. Settle in with a pumpkin puree mask packed with nutrient rich mud and yogurt applied to the hands and feet. Your pumpkin treatment finishes with a honey suckle orange cream massage leaving your skin silky-soft.

Call for a reservation: 530-583-6300!