Looking for the ultimate California spa vacation? The Spa at Squaw Creek is one of the top spas in Lake Tahoe, offering both skin and body treatments, and is nestled in the heart of Squaw Valley.

Of all the factors that can influence your California spa experience – atmosphere, temperature, the smell of the room, price – the most important is likely the expertise and attitude of your technician. An experienced massage therapist, one who can sense what your body needs and adjust her touch to suit, is the highlight of any California luxury spa experience.

The skilled technicians set Spa at Squaw Creek apart from other Lake Tahoe spa resorts. It’s why we were rated the top spa in Lake Tahoe by Tahoe Quarterly last year, and why we are consistently rated as one of the top Resort Spas in the country by Condé Nast Traveler.  Each therapist brings a specialty to the massage table - some are advanced in energy work, others in sports therapy. When you book your appointment, be sure to tell the receptionist what you are looking for so we can pair you with the right technician.

Norma Jean is one of Spa at Squaw Creek’s top requested massage therapists. Raised in Alaska, she spent her 20’s as a high altitude mountain guide on Mt. McKinley and was the first woman to solo climb the continent’s highest peak. She has also taught hangliding and paragliding. Today, she lives just across the meadow from Resort at Squaw Creek, and has a garage full of Alpine, Tele, and Nordic ski gear, as well as mountaineering gear for the regular trips she takes to the Alps. In summer, it’s all about cycling, both mountain and road, and she enjoys a good run along the mountain trails in Squaw Valley.

“I truly believe in the healing quality of touch,” says Norma Jean. “When you get on the massage table after a day spent going hard outdoors, there is always something that needs a little special attention. My specialty is knowing where you might need a little extra love, and working with it to help you fully recover.”

Norma Jean has extensive knowledge of reflexology, deep tissue and pre-natal massage, and understands how to work with existing sports injuries. She also works with cancer patients regularly. Just tell her what you’ve got going on and she’ll know exactly what to do.

Her tip on how to best enjoy Spa at Squaw Creek? “Don’t miss the Sanctuary. It has the absolute best view in the entire resort. You are surrounded by nature. Allow yourself to mentally unwind. It will help you be more receptive to the healing touch of your massage.”