Make sure to add the Tahoe Maritime Museum to your "must do" list on your next visit to Lake Tahoe. 

The Tahoe Maritime Museum is a terrific side trip when visiting Lake Tahoe any time of year.  This fall, the museum, which is located in Homewood on the West Shore, is offering a featured exhibit of Tahoe Twenties.  Here is what the curators have to say about the exhibit:

At the beginning of the 1920s, Lake Tahoe residents were entering into a time of incredible change. The end of WWI and the beginning of prohibition brought out a spirit of rebellion and innovation in people and industries across the nation. The maritime world used this energy to bring about a new period in boating: the era of the speedboat. Meanwhile, Lake Tahoe residents faced uncertainty as they sought to make tourism their main industry. The beauty of the lake, easing transportation sources, luxurious accommodation, and invigorating activities combined to make Lake Tahoe a first class destination.

In Tahoe Twenties: A Story of Boats, Booze & Business, the Tahoe Maritime Museum examines the many interests, social forces, and developments of the 1920s through the lens of its maritime vessels.

Exhibit Highlights:

Miss Lakeside – 27’6″ 1925 Sea Sled

Marguerita – 24’ 1924 Fay & Bowen Junior Runabout

Florence M II – 26’ 1926 Stephens Brothers Runabout

Kerosene Kate – 1916 REO Speedwagon