It's time for every American and foreign tourist to take a stance. 

Lake Tahoe, like all areas across the United States, is facing real issue that face all of us in the traveling public.  For instance, have you been given the opportunity to hike the miles on pine-scented forest trails you deserve?  Have you been given the freedom to paddle to your heart’s content along the shores of Lake Tahoe?  Have you been allowed to watch a full moon rise above Sierra peaks, reflecting off the lake?  It’s time to take a stance. 

Family values? We’ve got them! There’s nothing like a float trip along the Truckee River to pull the family together in a memorable bond, or a family bike ride along the bike path from Squaw Valley to Tahoe City to show Tahoe's  innumerable values. Benefits for seniors? You bet! Leisurely hikes, boat rides, and picnics are the perfect prescription plan. Health benefits? Yes! It’s proven that hiking, biking, kayaking and other recreational activities at Tahoe, not to mention a vacation in its own right, prolong life and improve mental function.  Opportunities for business? In the business of adventure and happiness, no one stands taller than Lake Tahoe. Taxes? We’re for taxing climbs up granite faces. Assistance for children? Yes, but only for the youngest of them. Get them in the backpack, and let’s go! 

We vote for mountains. We vote for scenic vistas. We vote North America’s largest alpine lake – one with water purity rarely found on earth. We vote for rafting trips, golf, fly fishing, smore’s roasts at the fire pits at Resort at Squaw Creek. We stand with the party, whether it be a Friday Night Deck Party at Six Peaks Grille, or a Saturday BBQ patio party at Sandy’s Pub with live music and award-winning ribs. It’s abundantly clear that no other mountain resort community does more for the party.   

Tahoe is blue country. And when we say that, we mean the lake is actually blue. And at sunset, with wispy clouds above, it’s red country. There is no doubt that the American Dream Vacation is alive and well at Lake Tahoe.

What is this election cycle all about? It’s a referendum on “too much work, and not enough play.” Important votes need to be cast, and likely well before November. So, vote with your feet, and head to Lake Tahoe.  We can’t be complacent anymore. Truly, can you afford to sit home any longer?