It's Divisional Playoff weekend and Sandy's Pub, with six screens and a full bar and menu, makes a great spot to see all the action.

This weekend is the NFL’s divisional playoffs – when the final eight teams get down to the final four teams in anticipation of the conference championship games. If this weekend’s four games are anything like Wild Card Weekend, it will be a rewarding 12 hours of football.

So where are you planning to watch the gridiron action? Watching at home by yourself may have been fine during the regular season, but the playoffs call for a little more social interaction, a little something extra. And, after all, you don’t want to leave your family to fend for themselves while you sink into the couch.

Burgers and beer - perfect football fare

Sandy’s Pub on the lower level of Resort at Squaw Creek, in spectacular Squaw Valley, offers a little something different from your typical football watching venue. The six HD flat screens (including one 80 inch screen) ensure you’ll have a perfect view of the game no matter what and the full bar and menu will keep you refreshed throughout. The views out the floor-to-ceiling windows of Squaw Valley make for much more interesting commercial breaks than watching that car commercial for the billionth time.

You can even bring the kids along for a late lunch and then an afternoon ice skating or sledding session. You get to watch football, they get outside in the fresh air – that’s what we call a win-win. And if your spouse gets some free time out of the deal, well, that’s like a 2-point conversion on top of the winning touchdown. Playoff football + Sandy’s Pub = winning. We’ll see you there.