Two creative winter cocktails from Six Peaks Grille, a North Lake Tahoe restaurant, will change the way you order dessert this season.

The Melting Snowman is not just a fancy hot chocolate. This is a total reinvention of the winter warmer concept. Created with Belgium White Chocolate, Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur, and Courvoisier, then topped with whipped cream and a chocolate snowman, the Melting Snowman will make you want to melt right into your glass.

The S'Mores Martini is equally decadent. Crafted from Godiva White & Chocolate Liqueurs, and marshmellow vodka, rimmed with graham cracker encrusted chocolate ganache, and then topped with a toasted marshmellow, the S'mores Martini doesn't just tingle your tastebuds - it explodes on the tongue with a burst of chocolate flavor and subtle marshmellow undertones.

Order either cocktail this winter in Six Peaks Grille and we promise you'll be delighted.   

The S'Mores Martini