Planning a conference in North Lake Tahoe? Here are a few ideas to spice up your meeting and keep your attendees actively engaged, eagerly participating, and coming back for more.


1) It's all about the Lake! Ask your conference planner to schedule some time enjoying Lake Tahoe. There are activities year-round that can get your attendees near, in, or on those crystal clear waters. 

2) You can bike right from Resort at Squaw Creek. No need to waste time transporting everyone to an off-site location to incorporate physical activity into your meeting. We can have bikes tuned-up and ready to go right from the hotel front door. Explore Squaw Valley and then head down the paved bike path along the Truckee River to Tahoe City. More info » 

3) Spa break! Spa at Squaw Creek is a wonderful spot to spend a relaxing afternoon, but if your agenda doesn't have time for that, schedule 15 minute chair massages for your attendees during session breaks.

4) Oktoberfest in May? Yes! We can make it happen. Or any other banquet theme you can think of - even Burning Man. Get creative. Take advantage of our distinctive location. 

5) Ride the Squaw Valley Tram up to High Camp. Open year-round, the Tram has an incredible view of the entire Olympic Valley and beyond to Lake Tahoe. In summer, a heated swimming lagoon, hot tubs, and pool side bar are a relaxing spot to hang out and get some sun. In winter, the Tram gives skiers and non-skiers alike a ride to the top to enjoy to snow. More info »

Ask our Lake Tahoe conference planners for more ideas on how to spice up your North Lake Tahoe meeting.